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How to Win at Online Casino Slots

Love to play Online Casino Slots? Then you’ve come to the right place. We all love to win, but have you ever wondered how you could tilt the odds in your favor just that little bit? Then make sure you check out what we have in store for you. Make sure you read to the very end!

How do slot machines work?

When you want to win at something, you first need to know how they work. Slot machines are amongst the most popular games throughout the world both in land based and Malaysia online casinos. It’s a simple game involving little strategy and mostly chance. Every player has more or less the same odds of winning. You simply select how many paylines and amount per payline you want to bet on, spin the reels and hope that matching symbols appear along the various paylines.

How to pick a winning slot machine?

how to pick a winning slot machince

In land based casinos, very often you will find higher odds of winning at high traffic, high visibility locations as there is some psychology involved in slot machine placements. The sight and sounds of sirens and bells ringing at such locations often encourage people to look at these winners and think that they could be the next big winner. With the new normal of social distancing and pandemic awareness, more people these days are turning to online casino slots to get their fix. It is no different for many Malaysia Online Casinos like QQclubs which have seen a resurgence in popularity.

So how do you consistently win at online casino slots when playing at an online casino then? There are a few ways to increase your chances of winning.

1. Choose the most popular games

For online casinos, the slots games are all run from central servers which have already been programmed with several variables according to each game. One key variable is Return to Player (RTP). This is a global odds setting which determines how much is paid out for a set number of rounds. Very often, the most popular Malaysia online casino slots games usually also offer the best RTP. As you can tell, games which have become popular and stayed popular with players for long periods of time are a testament to the player’s ability to win at these slots games consistently. Three of the most popular Malaysia online casino slots games of all time are:

  • Highway Kings - 97.06% RTP

    This is an all time classic favorite. And the RTP shows why. With the highest RTP amongst all slots games it really is the King of Malaysian slots whether on desktop, mobile casino or 918kiss. Developed by Playtech, Highway Kings offers 5 play reels and 9 paylines. A red truck is the Wild symbol that doubles all wins in the combinations it is a part of. The Exhaust Pipe is the Scatter symbol and when more than 2 appear, you get paid according to the pay table.

    Together with the newer version called Highway Kings Pro, this slots game offers a near perfect combination of bonus side games, free spins and frequently occurring scatters and wilds. For a more in depth review of this game, don’t forget to check out our Highway Kings slots game review.

    highway kings
  • Great Blue - 96% RTP

    Developed by Gameplay Interactive, this slot game takes place in the depths of the ocean where blue whales, jellyfish and anglerfish roam. Offering 5 play reels and 25 pay lines with several free spins, wilds, scatter and multipliers available, Great Blue is a non progressive jackpot slots game. One of the most attractive bonus side games is the anglerfish bonus round, where you can bet your winnings on a 50/50 chance whether the little fish can escape the jaws of the anglerfish. If you are right, you automatically double your winnings.

  • Safari Heat - 96.2% RTP

    Another 5 reel, 9 paylines slots game from Playtech, Safari Heat is a combination Safari and Poker game where you try to build combinations of 2, 3, 4 and 5 of a kind together with wild animal symbols. The Lion is the Wild symbol which can be used to complete the set and double the win.

    progressive jackpot
  • Age of the Gods - Fate Sisters - 96% RTP

    A 5 reel, 25 paylines slots game from Playtech, Age of the Gods - Fate Sisters is based on Greek mythology and is another hit game in the Age of the Gods series. The game revolves around three sisters who are known to decide the fate of every human, God, and titan. The sisters are named as Atropos, Lachesis, and Clotho. They are the daughters of Nyx and Erebus. One of the greatest attractions of this game is the Fate Portal free game feature

    • Lachesis temple: You will get ten free spins. Not just that but you will also get the benefit from freezing wilds.
    • Clotho’s temple: You will win eight free spins along with random wilds.
    • Atropos temple: You will get 15 free spins and a dynamic multiplier.

2. Skip Progressive Jackpot Games

A progressive slots game has a snowballing jackpot that rises steadily over time until it’s won. But think about where that Jackpot comes from. Obviously it’s derived from the amount of bets that flow through the game. If a progressive jackpot takes 1% of each bet to boost the progressive jackpot pool, that’s 1% less payback that you would get otherwise. With the infrequency of how often the progressive jackpot is hit, your effective payback percentage will be lower as a result. It’s also no wonder that the most popular online casino slots games in Malaysia are not progressive slots or if they are, the progressive element percentage is not very high.

3. Play for the highest number of paylines with the lowest stakes

Online casino slots games work with Random Number Generators (RNG) which randomly generate symbols for each position appearing in the slot. To beat the system, you need longevity. We’ve heard of players striking the jackpot with a single high stakes spin, but those don’t happen very often. With randomly generated symbols, you do need to survive long enough to make a steady stream of smaller winnings add up to consistently make money on slots games. In order to make your bets last longer, you may want to take advantage of Online Casino Promotions to boost your betting abilities and make the smallest bets you can.

Another tip that works with the small bets strategy is to maximise the number of paylines. Again, with random number generators, every line on the slot is randomly generated. As such, you increase your odds of winning when every potential payline is active. By combining the small bets, maximum paylines strategy, you maximise the chances of winning by using the smallest bets possible thus ensuring that you can play long enough to win ‘the big one’.

4. Play Slot Games with excellent bonus rounds

Some games, like the immensely popular Highway Kings Pro offer up to 25 free spins with an up to x5 multiplier plus a nail biting truck racing bonus game which is quite easy to unlock. These bonus games will often give you great opportunities to multiply your winnings. Deep blue for example gives the player a 50-50 chance of doubling their winnings.

5. Choose a trusted online casino

Obviously, it’s no point to get a big win and not get paid. Choosing a Trusted Malaysia Online Casino like QQclubs is crucial. The most basic requirement is of course whether the site is properly protected with bank grade SSL security to prevent hacking and a reputation for fast payout processing and multiple always available customer service contact points whether live chat, telegram, whatsapp and others. Having native mobile apps like SCR888 is always another nod in their favor.


And there you have it. The top 5 tips to help you win consistently at Online Casino Slots. Have fun and play safe!